Kids don’t have to ‘be good’ online, just careful

A good article from Thomas Friedman, author of ‘The World is Flat’, on the importance of imagination, creativity and passion in the digital age – In a flat world imagination is the key – Opinion –

I can’t agree with him on his point about kids needing to “be good” online though:

Our kids will not have the luxury we have of being wild and crazy when they were young because it’s on somebody’s cell phone camera forever. It’s in somebody’s MySpace. Everyone who has a cell phone is a paparazzo. Everyone who has a blog is a journalist and when everyone is a paparazzo and a journalist, everyone else is a public figure – so be good.

Just because everything we do can become public as a result of citizen journalism and publishing doesn’t mean young people have to stop having fun, they just have to be careful.

And adults have a role in teaching young people how to use the internet wisely and safely.

The reason employers and and others with ‘authority’ can get away with punishing people for what they post online is because they come from a generation that haven’t yet done it themselves.

When everyone has posted their crazy drunken teenage party pics online no-one will be able to act superior and wield power over anyone else – everyone will be in the same boat.

(Thanks to Wendy Zammit for the heads-up.)

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