Playing the piano in the British Literature Classroom

The British Literature classroom is located in a mansion on the Knightsbridge Sim, which is designed to represent real world London – all of the houses are modeled after houses in real life. By clicking on paintings and furniture in the mansion’s three floors students receive course material, including syllabi, assignments, activities and a selection of study texts. The classroom was developed by Beth Ritter-Guth (SL name – Desideria Stockton), Instructor of English, at Lehigh Carbon Community College to teach Brit Lit classes.
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2 responses to “Playing the piano in the British Literature Classroom

  1. Hey Sean, this is great – thanks.

  2. That sounds awesome. I love that it gets beyond recreating RL into making use of the possibilities for SL in an otherwise mundane environment. It’s something that I really think needs to develop more across the spectrum of real-world institutions that are making the leap to SL.