Australasian Second Life Educational Projects Showcase documentation


On the 20th of June Jo Kay and I facilitated an in-world showcase of Australasian educational projects in Second Life for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework’s E-learning Networks June 19-20 Online Conference.

Event materials – including the chat transcript, presenters’ notes, slides, videos, photos and blog posts – are now available at:

Jo and I are pleased with how well it went, especially since it was our first event. There were a few of the usual technical glitches that we come to expect in Second Life, and we learned a few lessons for next time, but overall we think it was a great success.

We actually maxed-out the sim at 40 avs and had several people trying to get in throughout the event!

One thing I think worked well was mixing up the media. We alternated slide presentations with videos, and one presenter used an oversized Thinc book. It made for a very multi-media event.

We had intended to use streaming audio, but as we were about to set-up we found someone else had pirated our rented Shoutcast server! It wasn’t such a bad thing though – only a few presenters wanted to use voice and it would have added another variable to an already challenging session.

Thanks to all those who presented and provided videos. And a special thanks to Corwin Carillon for dealing with a flood of newbies’ questions in IM… asking them to send him their questions worked a bit too successfully it seems!

And we may have inadvertently become responsible for the inaugural ‘Australasian Second Life Conference‘! 🙂

(Images by Jo Kay)

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