Bligter – will it make my blogging easier?

bligter.jpgAs I’ve mentioned many times in the past I struggle with blogging. The irregularity of my posting attests to that.

Perhaps this new service can help solve my problem – Bligter.

I received the following invitation via email:

Dear Sean,

I am writing to you because we would like to have you among the bloggers that post in bligter, a new web 2.0 for bloggers. We think that our users would love your articles.

Bligter is, basically, a place where bloggers can get posts, written for other bloggers, to publish in their blogs. Otherwise, If you write a post it may get published in other users’ blogs. You will, obviously, get the credit for it as at the bottom of each post will appear your name linking to your blog.

Best Regards.
Rafael R.

Ooh! I’m flattered (perhaps a deliberate strategy?)

But “a new web 2.0”? I thought we still hadn’t come to terms with the old Web 2.0! Perhaps they meant to say “a new web 2.0 service”. Nothing says unprofessional to me like spelling and grammatical errors (and they are all over the website).

So will I be signing up for this service? No. This would no longer be my blog – it would become more of a group blog, with me having editorial control.

Maybe there is a need for this. Maybe it fills an as-yet unmet niche of “citizen publishing” where anyone can now take on the role of publisher and editor. Maybe this service will mature and something will come of it. Who knows. It just feels icky and weird to me at the moment. What do others think?

p.s. This feels somehow related to Leigh’s post about customised essay writing services. Although there’s no deceptiveness involved here, and there’s no plagiarism as full attribution is given, it’s similar in that it is about taking the easy path to getting a result.

2 responses to “Bligter – will it make my blogging easier?

  1. I am way off topic, but am here to tag you for a stupid meme.

  2. I’d say you could become prolific here.

    Smells fishy to me tho, and you’d be rather transparent as a reposter. perhaps.