Listening to Dr Gautam Tendulkar on ABC Island

The talk is titled “Using Second Life to Research the Limits of virtual Worlds, Data Exchange Between Worlds and Custom Interfaces.”
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Update – 19/09/07: A video of the event is now available at the Second Life Cable Network –

2 responses to “Listening to Dr Gautam Tendulkar on ABC Island

  1. Love the idea of this and want to know more! Kind of get the data exchange between worlds concept, but what is meant by Custome Interfaces?

  2. A custom interface means a viewer (or browser) which is not the standard one people download from and use for Second Life but a different one which has been customised to include special features not available in the standard one.

    Now that Linden Labs has made the source code available, it can be modified and extend to produce a custom interface.