links for 2007-11-07

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  1. i ran across your blog and find it quite interesting. i’m not yet all up on the “second life” wave, but it makes sense and the predictions you made seem pretty believable.

    anyway, on this post, i noticed you mentioned Yugma… i use it every day and think it is a wonderful tool. did you know that they have a skype version? they’re integrated so you can hold yugma sessions and invite people through skype chat and then use skype for the “teleconferencing” portion of meetings. pretty cool stuff.

    i’m going to keep up with your blog, i’m intrigued.

  2. The search engines took me here for Radio Controlled. I am interested in Radio Controlled Cars and Helicopters. Especially, if they have wireless cams mounted. But cannot seem to find anything like that here. Do you have any entries along these lines?

  3. @Jacqui: I’m yet to try Yugma… I bookmarked it for a rainy day. Welcome to my blog! 🙂

    @BriteDay: Search engine are funny things! No entries here about radio controlled cars or helicopters, sorry!