Nominated for the Edublog Awards 2007 – twice!


I’m pleased to announce that the Second Life in Education wiki and the Island of Jokaydia have both been nominated in the Best educational use of a virtual world 2007 category of the Edublog Awards 2007.

I’m not sure how the nominations work, but it is rewarding to see some recognition for all the hard work Jo Kay and I have put into developing educational resources and into helping introduce educators to Second Life and the potential of virtual worlds.

Of course, special acknowledgment goes to Jo for all her tireless work… she is the one with the great graphics and building skills.

We are in good company too – we are competing with Edtech Island, Schome Park and Suffern Middle School in Second Life, who are all doing great work in Second Life.

And also congrats to our friends who were also nominated in other categories… you know who you are! (Jo mentions them in her post on the nominations).

Now… go vote for us! 🙂

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