The Fail Whale Fan Club

Sick of Twitter going down all the time? Sick of the sight of this annoying Fail Whale error message?

(Image by daysiesCC-by-nc-nd)

Well, I’ve got more Fail Whale than you can poke a harpoon at today! 🙂

Irritating as it is to see the mighty Fail Whale, I have always thought the image itself was quite beautiful. It turns out the artist – Yiying Lu – is living right here in Sydney. The original image and the rest of her work can be found on her website.

What I was surprised to discover (not that surprised though, since this is the Interwebs after all!) was that there is a Fail Whale Fan Club – a site for “one of coolest whales we know” and a place to “poke fun at the people who seem to take online social network downtime a little too seriously.”

There’s a gallery showcasing a whale-load (yuk yuk) of brilliant Community Generated Fail Whale Art on Flickr. A full text search for “failwhale” on flickr reveals heaps more. It seems we have a meme!

What’s your favourite piece of Fail Whale user-generated art? I particularly like this one by GioLovesyou:

Considering the dramas Alan Levine has been having with trying to get an iPhone (and coverage where he lives) he might appreciate this version by SeanOsteen (CC-by-nc-sa):

There’s also a lot of sexy Fail Whale merchandise.

There’s even a Fail Whale party!

Seeing all of this user-generated art makes me wonder… is this how people empower themselves when they feel disempowered by a site they have no control over, but have come to depend on for some of their social connection, goes down?

Of course, if you really want to empower yourself and avoid the Twitter Fail Whale you could start using Laconica – the distributed, open source alternative to Twitter. 😉

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